Calibre Alexa Skill

Unlock a world of audiobooks with your voice

Get the most from your listening experience with our latest innovation: the Calibre Audio Alexa Skill. Now, experiencing the joy of audiobooks is just a voice command away. 

What is Calibre’s Alexa skill? 

Access the audiobooks in your playlist with just your voice. By using any device in the Alexa family and your Calibre membership, you can play your chosen titles with the simple command: “Alexa, open my Calibre player”. Our collection has never been more accessible thanks to this voice command.

The skill is available to existing digital Calibre members at no extra cost.

You can find full details on setting up and using the Alexa skill via our quick guide which is linked below.  

click here to read our quick guide

Who can use it? 

This skill is exclusive to Calibre Audio members with a digital subscription. This is because the skill uses our online streaming service to pull book information, so you need to have access to that first.

To find out more about our streaming service and to sign up, click here.

Please note: The skill is only available on devices that have English (UK/IE/US/AU/CA/IN) locale set as their primary language preference. So if you are overseas and you have another language preference the skill may not be available in the skills store.

Why use Alexa?

Alexa, made by Amazon, is available on a selection of smart speakers with different features. Here are a few examples of what it can help with:

  • Productivity - setting up routines and reminders

  • Shopping - creating shopping lists, ordering your groceries or other online shopping and checking product information

  • Controlling your home environment - turning on your lights or other appliances

  • Entertainment - playing your Calibre audiobooks or listening to your favourite radio station or podcast

  • Connecting you with family and friends - sending texts or making calls or using an intercom.

You can get set up with Alexa in a few easy steps, although it can take longer to set up some of the more complex features. Find out more about setting up Alexa here.

Why use the Calibre Alexa skill? 

  • Immerse yourself in captivating audiobooks effortlessly. 

  • Navigate our extensive collection hands-free with simple voice commands. 

  • Listen to any audiobook in your current playlist.

Why people choose Calibre Audio: 

  • We support people with visual impairment, dyslexia, ADHD, and other conditions that make reading print difficult. 

  • Access to a vast collection of over 16,000 audiobooks including brand new titles and classics. 

  • Available across a range of platforms including Libby, Dolphin, our new streaming site and now Alexa. 

  • Unlimited listening - no credits, just add books to your playlist.

Ready to Dive In? Download and enable the Alexa Skill Now! 

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