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Calibre Audio is a national charity lending free audiobooks for anyone who is print disabled.

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Calibre Children's collection

Keep your young people occupied with our vast collection of childrens books - all free to stream to your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

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We believe that everyone deserves to lose themselves in a good book and our audiobook services can be accessed to suit every individual's needs.


Audiobooks can be streamed directly from our website to your mobile, tablet or computer.


You can access our download service through a smartphone or tablet.

Memory stick

Memory sticks will be posted direct to your home, with our free postal service.


Just like memory sticks, we will post CD’s direct to you. Again this is a free postal service.

Who can join?

Calibre Audio is free to join for everyone who has a print disability.

A print disability is a difficulty or inability to read printed material where someone is unable to see, read, manipulate or comprehend the text.  This can include:

  • A learning disability, such as dyslexia;
  • A brain injury or cognitive impairment such as head trauma or stroke;
  • A vision impairment or blindness;
  • A physical dexterity problem such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Parkinson's disease, arthritis, paralysis or terminal illness.

Our latest titles

Book CoverIn the Heart of the Garden
Catalogue Number:
Leah Fleming
Book CoverHow the Dead Speak
Catalogue Number:
Val McDermid
Book CoverWe are the Beaker Girls
Catalogue Number:
Jacqueline Wilson