About Us

Calibre Audio provides a fantastic collection of over 17,000 audiobooks for people living with a print disability in the UK and overseas. Every day we send out 1,500 books to our members.

Who we are

Since 1974, Calibre Audio has brought the joy of audiobooks to anyone struggling to access print, so they can immerse themselves in wonderful stories, memorable biographies or travel the world in their mind.

Image of staff working from Tyndale

What we do

In 2021 we sent over 380,000 audiobooks to over 16,500 members across the UK and internationally. We are able to lend to countries that have ratified the Marrakesh Treaty (the 2013 international copyright exceptions for visually impaired and print disabled people).

Why we do it

Everyone has the legal right to equal access to information, yet only 7% of print books are converted to audio, the format needed for many disabled people. For young people, this has serious implications for their ability to learn and develop, and for the elderly, socially isolated, or disadvantaged, coming to terms with the loss of their sight, health and mobility, losing a lifelong love of the written word can be a real blow.

At Calibre, we believe in social inclusion and the wider benefits that reading brings, combating social isolation as well as increasing confidence and independence.

We also campaign with the Right to Read Alliance, the DAISY consortium, and Share the Vision to support equality in disability and end discrimination.

More information

Below, you can download reports that explain the work we do in more detail.

Impact Reports

  • Image shows the front cover of the Calibre Audio Impact Report 2022-23 with two photos of an adult and child listening to audiobooks
  • Image of the cover for the Impact Report