Help us to continue our story by leaving us a gift in your Will

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Share your love of a good bookwith future generations

Calibre Audio brings the joy of books to anyone with a disability that makes reading print difficult. We do this by connecting our members to the books that they love through a free audiobook service. As a national charity that receives no government funding, a third of our income each year comes from generous gifts that are left to us in people's Wills.

Why leaving a gift in your Will to Calibre is so important

If you have used our service or you know somebody who has, you'll know the difference that our books make to our members' lives. Our service promotes inclusion by ensuring that everyone has access to the books they want and enjoy, regardless of their disability. Reading can prevent isolation and provide mental stimulation by giving people a link to the outside world. Being absorbed in a good book can transport them to other places and times and often help them escape the confines of their four walls. Our service has been described by many of our members as quite literally, a lifeline.

We want to ensure that members can continue to enjoy the stories we send them for as long as they need them. By leaving us a gift in your Will, you will be ensuring that we can continue our story as well and supporting future generations of Calibre members.

My name is Annie, I'm almost 87, and have been partially sighted for several years. During this time, I have listened to many great stories from Calibre. Before, I loved to read. In May this year I had Covid-19 and a pacemaker fitted and most of my 2 week stay in hospital I was in isolation so you can imagine what a lifeline your books were to me.

Annie from Luton who has left Calibre a gift in her Will

How to leave a gift to Calibre in your Will

After looking after those most important to you, if you would like to leave Calibre a gift in your Will, you have the choice to leave a share of your Estate (which can be as little as 1%) or you can leave a specified amount. Any gift of any size that you choose to leave will ensure that future generations of members can continue to enjoy their love of books.

The only details that you will need to give to your solicitor is Calibre’s name, address and registered Charity number which are as follows:

Calibre Audio
HP22 5XQ

Charity Commission number: 286614

If you do not have a solicitor, you can find one local to you through the Law Society website. The following bodies also give further advice on Wills:

Government website

The Law Society


At Calibre we understand how important it is for everybody to have a Will so that those you care about know what your wishes are and which people and organisations you want to be looked after. That is why we are pleased to be able to offer you a free online professionally drafted Will through a company called Bequeathed. Anyone can use the service, whether you are making a Will for the first time or if you want to make an updated Will.

By using this service there is no obligation to leave Calibre a gift in your Will, but if you decide to do so, you will be helping to improve the lives of future generations of print-disabled people by ensuring that they are able to enjoy the pleasure of losing themselves in a good book.

How to Make your free Will For Good with Bequeathed.

This link will take you through to the Calibre page on the accessible Bequeathed website, where you can create an account and begin to make your Will in 3 easy steps:

  • Complete the online Will questionnaire. Guidance and support are available throughout the process which will allow you to progress at a pace you are comfortable with. Usually this process takes around 20 minutes.
  • Once the questionnaire is completed, Bequeathed will then arrange a 30 minute appointment with a legal firm for you which can be held either on the phone, by videocall, in the office of the legal firm or they can visit you in your own home. You choose which option suits you the best. The firm will discuss your situation with you and confirm that your wishes and needs are fully catered for in the Will.
  • The legal firm you have been dealing with will then send you your free Will in the post that you need to sign in the presence of witnesses, which you can then return to them if you wish. If you return your Will to the legal firm, they will check that it has been signed and witnessed correctly and store it securely for you at no cost.  

If you have complex requirements for your Will, either Bequeathed or the legal firm you have been speaking to will advise you that you need further legal advice. You then have the choice of either using a solicitor of your own choosing or Bequeathed can put you in touch with one of their own accredited solicitors who will agree a fee with you to complete your Will.  

For more details on preparing to write a Will please see our 'Preparing for your Will' guidance at the bottom of this page which is available to download.

Begin your free online Will with Bequeathed here

Image shows the logo for the online Will sevice Bequeathed.

Further Information

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your Will to Calibre Audio, please contact Terry Squire by calling 01296 380 558 or email:

Thank you for your interest in leaving a gift in your Will to Calibre.

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Calibre issue a quarterly newsletter to our Legacy supporters. Our latest issue can be accessed here. A large print version can also be sent on request.

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