New books available now

Below is a list of audiobooks added in the past month which are available to our members now.

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This month's new books

Wycliffe And The Guilt-Edged Alibi
by W J Burley
Read by Tim Verity
Missing You
by Harlan Coben
Read by Kerry Shale
Hollywood Wives
by Jackie Collins
Read by Kay Morrison
Village Centenary
by Miss Read
Read by Pat Steadman
Summer Daydreams
by Carole Matthews
Read by Jane Collingwood
The Afghan Amulet: Travels From The Hindu Kush To Razgrad
by Sheila Payne
Read by Ann Clark
Gale Warning
by Dornford Yates
Read by Richard Simpson
by Winston Graham
Read by Hilary Spiers
An Elephant In My Kitchen
by Fracoise Malby-Anthony
Read by Yvonne Clemenson
Come Away With Me
by Sara MacDonald
Read by Kay Morrison
Platform Seven
by Louise Doughty
Read by Olivia Dowd
Blue Above The Chimneys
by Christine Marion Fraser
Read by Vivienne Ennemoser
by Tiffany Watt Smith
Read by Anne Marlow
A World Of Love
by Elizabeth Bowen
Read by Grace Dives
The Great Romantic
by Duncan Hamilton
Read by Fred Parker
The Jury
by Gerald Bullett
Read by Richard Simpson
Let's Dance
by Frances Fyfield
Read by Judy Franklin
Oxford Blood
by Antonia Fraser
Read by Angela Holland
A Devil Is Waiting
by Jack Higgins
Read by Jonathan Oliver
Rip Tide
by Stella Rimington
Read by Julia Barrie
Funeral In Berlin
by Len Deighton
Read by James Lailey
Sleeping Murder
by Agatha Christie
Read by Stephanie Cole
Chastise: The Dambusters Story 1943
by Max Hastings
Read by Peter Noble
Olive, Again
by Elizabeth Strout
Read by Kimberly Farr
Watching You
by Lisa Jewell
Read by Gabrielle Glaister
Perfect Death
by Helen Fields
Read by Robin Laing
The Eternal City
by Domenica De Rosa
Read by Juliette Burton
Bodies From The Library 2
by Tony Medawar (Editor)
Read by Philip Bret Herton
The Silent Ones
by Ali Knight
Read by Karen Cass
by Robert Crais
Read by MacLeod Andrews
The Shut Eye
by Belinda Bauer
Read by Andrew Wincott
Death Comes First
by Hilary Bonner
Read by Karen Cass
Death Of The Demon
by Anne Holt
Read by Rosalyn Landor
Spring Of The Muses: The Poetry Of Music, Art And Dance
by Deborah Gaye (Editor)
Read by Judy Le Besque
The Cat With The Treble Clef
by Louis De Bernieres
Read by Richard Worland
Finessing Clarissa
by M C Beaton
Read by Ann Stutz
Diary Of The Last Man
by Robert Minhinnick
Read by Bob Rollett
by Benjamin Disraeli
Read by Tim Bentinck
The Mimic Men
by V S Naipaul
Read by Sam Dastor
The Voyage Out
by Virginia Woolf
Read by Juliet Stevenson
Meditations On First Philosophy And Discourse On The Method
by René Desartes
Read by Mark Meadows
The Periodic Table
by Primo Levi
Read by Neville Jason
The Diary Of Samuel Pepys Volume II
by Samuel Pepys
Read by Leighton Pugh & David Timson
A Glimpse At Happiness
by Jean Fullerton
Read by Julia Franklin
Marrying Harriet
by M C Beaton
Read by Hilary Spiers
Hingston's Box
by Decima Blake
Read by J R Hamilton
In The Lion's Den
by Barbara Taylor Bradford
Read by Joan Walker
In The Heart Of The Garden
by Leah Fleming
Read by Nano Nagle
Now We Are Dead
by Stuart MacBride
Read by Steve Worsley
by Leïle Slimani
Read by Finty Williams
Fashionopolis: The Price Of Fast Fashion & The Future Of Clothes
by Dana Thomas
Read by Dana Thomas
All The Rage
by Cara Hunter
Read by Lee Ingleby & Emma Cunniffe
The Hidden
by Mary Chamberlain
Read by Di Langford
Ferno The Fire Dragon
by Adam Blade
Read by Edward Peel
The Fatal Strand
by Robin Jarvis
Read by Vivien Tomlinson
Salah: From The Playground To The Pitch
by Matt & Tom Oldfield
Read by Paul Vates
by Philip Reeve
Read by David Thorpe
Broken Bridge
by Lynne Reid Banks
Read by Kim Ismay
The Snow Queen And Other Stories
by Hans Christian Anderson
Read by Clare Corbett
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