Below are some FAQ's which we hope you will find helpful. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact our friendly Membership Services team on 01296 432 339 or email membershipservices@calibre.org.uk


Are you closing your postal service?
No; members will still be able to listen to our audiobooks on memory stick and CDs as before. The new updates just make it easier for those who stream and download our books through enhanced access.

Play Calibre – Our New Streaming Service

Website for Play Calibre

What will happen to the old streaming site and can I continue to use it if I want to?
The old site will close on 1st February 2021. Members will not be able to access it after this time.

Will the books I am already streaming transfer across to the new streaming site?
No they won't. We recommend you finish any current streaming titles and start using the new site for any new books. If you are unable to finish a title by the end of January, you will be able to stream the book again from the new site, but it won't remember where you were up to.

Why have you changed to a new format?
We are confident the new and improved site will give you a much better user experience.

What are the benefits of the new streaming site over the existing one?
There are many benefits of this custom-built site, including a clean, modernised layout that makes it easy to navigate, and an improved search function that includes book covers and categories.

How many books can I stream at one time on the new site?
You can have a total of 4 books checked out at any one time.

How do I login?
Click on the Sign In button at the top of the page, or go to the Play Calibre website. You can login with your membership number and existing password. If you can't find your password please email membership services.

Do you have a help guide to help me use the new streaming service?
Yes, you can download a pdf copy here.

New Download App - Dolphin EasyReader

Dolphin EasyReader logo

Can I continue to use the CAL Download App if I want to?
No; the old app will expire on 31st January 2021. Members will not be able to access it after this time.

Why have you discontinued the CAL Download app?
The app had limited capacity to expand and improve. Wanting to provide the best membership experience that we can, we recognise that the Dolphin EasyReader app will give our members a far superior experience.

What are the benefits of Dolphin over the CAL Download app?
There are many benefits to using Dolphin's world-leading accessibility app, including it's stripped-down menus that make finding and playing audiobooks as simple as possible, as well as display personalisation that can be set to best meet every user's needs.

Is the Dolphin EasyReader app available on all platforms?
Yes, Dolphin is available on both iOS and Android. You can download both the iOS and Android app here:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Is it free to use?
Yes, the Dolphin EasyReader app is free for everyone to download but only those with a Calibre Audio membership will be able to access the Calibre books.

Are all of Calibre's books available on the Dolphin app?
All audiobooks that were on the CAL Download app are available on Dolphin EasyReader. Due to the various contracts we hold with different publishers, there are some books that are only available on streaming or USB, but the vast majority of our collection can be downloaded.

Will the books I have already downloaded transfer to the new app?
No they won't. We recommend you finish any current download titles and start using the Dolphin EasyReader for any new books. If you are unable to finish a title by the end of January, you will be able to download it again from the new app, but it won't remember where you were up to.

Does the Dolphin EasyReader app let me listen to books offline?
Yes, you can download the book using an internet connection and then listen offline.

Can I download books through the app onto my own memory stick?
No, the book can be downloaded onto your chosen device within the app only. So you do not need to be online to listen but they are not transferrable onto a memory stick.

Is it accessible to those with a vision impairment?
Yes, it is designed for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness.

Is Dolphin part of Calibre Audio?
No, the EasyReader app has been built and created by Dolphin but we are delighted to add our collection to the other libraries they feature within their app. One benefit of this is that once the app is downloaded, Calibre members will also have access to all the other libraries featured within the app (Note: some may require a separate membership).

I already use Dolphin Easyreader through the RNIB, can I link my accounts together?
Yes. When you update your app and login to your existing Dolphin account, Calibre Audio will appear under your libraries, along withe RNIB Reading Services and any other libraries you access.

How do I login?
Download the Dolphin EasyReader app on your device and follow the steps to create a Dolphin account. Once set up, you will need your Calibre membership number and existing password to access Calibre's collection and can then start listening straight away.

Who should I contact if I experience issues with the Dolphin EasyReader app?
As Dolphin is not part of Calibre Audio, please contact them directly if you have any issues with the app. Their online resources and contact details can be found here.

Do you have a help guide to help me use the Dolphin EasyReaderApp?
Yes, you can download a pdf copy here.