Calibre Audio team scales the height of Ben Nevis

by Press Release

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Andy Scott, Photohello

A team of staff and supporters from Calibre Audio has successfully completed a challenge to scale the height of Ben Nevis in climbing walls to raise money to support its audiobook lending service.

To equal the 1,344m height of Ben Nevis, the team were tasked with climbing 168 climbing walls – all within 60 minutes. Not only did the team successfully rise to the challenge, despite the heat, they also raised £2,361 for the charity.

Joining staff and family members in the team was 11-year-old Zaki Barnsdale who uses the Calibre Audio service. Zaki, who has a visual impairment, took part with his mum, Alice, and together they raised over £555. Alice says:

“Calibre is a charity at the centre of my son’s life. He’s been a member since he was 5 and there isn’t a day that goes by when he doesn’t list to a story from Calibre - he takes them everywhere! It’s been such a great learning tool for him - history, culture, geography, nature – he’s picked up so much as well as comforting him and allowing him to switch off for a bit.

Image shows Zaki and his mum Alice smiling at the Climbing event

“We’re delighted to be able to help spread the word about what a great charity it is. We’ve had a great time taking part and Zaki has been so excited about reaching and exceeding his target of 28 walls.”

The challenge took place at Climb Quest in Milton Keynes on Friday 8th September and was organised by The Clare Foundation to give Bucks based charities a good fundraising opportunity. To boost funds even further, the Calibre team was also awarded a bonus sum of £1,000 from The Clare Foundation for being the charity who raised the most money.

Calibre Audio Chief Executive, Anthony Kemp, who was part of the team says:

“We were delighted to take part in the Ben Nevis Challenge. It was tough but it was a great achievement by the team. I’d like to thank The Clare Foundation for organising the event and everyone who sponsored us. The fundraising climate is particularly challenging at the moment, so the money we’ve raised will really help us carry on supporting people who struggle to read print.”

You can still donate to support the team at: