We asked you to write a short story...

As part of WhizzFizzFest 2021, we invited you to write a short story which could become an audiobook. Not restricting your creativity at all, we wanted them to be about anything that inspired you, and you did not disappoint!

Making your story into an audiobook

We were thrilled, chilled and thoroughly entertained by the entries we received. After reading them all, the following fantastic stories were whisked away to the home studio of one of our amazing Calibre narrators, and we are delighted to feature the finished recordings here:

Operation Genesis by Samuel Farrugia, age 15

The Day I Nearly Died by Chloe Thomson, age 12

The Friendly Ghost by a Calibre member, age 9

Winnie by Eloise, age 7

Thank you to everyone who entered and to Yvonne Clemenson for kindly giving up her time to narrate these wonderful stories.

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