Calibre at the theatre


In March this year (2022) Calibre were excited to support the touring production of Billionaire Boy at our local theatre, as part of our World Book Day Celebrations. Bestselling children’s author David Walliams and the award-winning Birmingham Stage Company have teamed up to take the production of Billionaire Boy to audiences around the country.

Billionaire Boy tells the story of Joe Spud, who is twelve years old and the richest boy in the country. He has his own sports car, two crocodiles as pets and £100,000 a week pocket money. But what Joe doesn't have is a friend. So he decides to leave his posh school and start at the local comp. But things don't go as planned for Joe and life becomes a rollercoaster as he tries find what money can't buy!

The opening night in Aylesbury Waterside theatre coincided with World Book Day and marked the start of a partnership between the theatre and Calibre Audio and we were delighted to attend for the whole Aylesbury run, raising awareness of our charity to local theatre-goers. We also held a post-show bucket collection and were delighted to raise an amazing £1,256.90.

Terry Squire, Senior Fundraiser at Calibre Audio said: ‘We are thrilled to be working with the team at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on World Book Day and throughout the run of Billionaire Boy. We have this year's selection of books available for our members to listen to from 17th February – including the popular David Walliams book. Calibre Audio shares World Book Day's passion for changing lives through a love of books and reading, and works to provide members with free audiobooks so all children have equal access to the same stories. Knowing the theatre shares the passion of access for all means a lot to us’.

Image shows two of the Calibre team collecting at Aylesbury theatre