Another of our amazing fundraisers!


Pearl Violet was a Calibre member for over twenty years, before she sadly passed away, aged 96, in June 2018.  At her funeral, donations were requested to Calibre in place of flowers. Since her death, her family members have continually raised funds for Calibre, and by doing so over the years have promoted awareness of our charity and service. These fundraisers have included a half marathon run by Pearl’s grandson David, and her granddaughter Marie donated funds raised for her 50th birthday in lieu of gifts. On a separate occasion she also held a charity cooking party at her home and donated the money raised to Calibre.

These may all seem like little things by themselves, but at Calibre we appreciate each and every donation we receive, as every penny helps us continue the service for other members like Pearl. Some of Pearl’s story is below.

A lovely photo of the much-loved Pearl in her garden
The lovely Pearl in her garden.


Pearl contracted dry macular in her 70’s, a condition that meant her eyesight slowly deteriorated until she completely lost her sight. Determined that although other parts of her life were going to need adapting, she was not going to lose her ability to read a good book, Pearl joined Calibre in 1996. In the early days, her daughter Lesley recalls Pearl doing her chores with a Walkman in her pinny pocket listening to a Calibre audiobook .Alongside Calibre, Pearl made the transition from cassette tapes through CDs and eventually began using USB sticks, which she used with her portable player that she could carry with her around the house. She got through so many titles during her later years and her granddaughter Marie has fond memories of calling her Gran for a chat, only to have Pearl answer the phone and say cheerfully “Hello ducky, I was just listening to my talking book, just let me switch it off. Now then…….”

Pearl was still listening to audiobooks in her 90s and any visitor who popped by would be asked to ‘pop the USB book back into the post box to return to Calibre’ on their way home.

Pearl’s family are so clearly very fond of their special Gran who always remained cheerful and active in the face of adversity. They even nicknamed her the Flying Gran as she was always busy and going somewhere! The Calibre service meant a great deal to Pearl, so much so that for her 90th birthday celebrations, she asked for donations to Calibre in place of birthday gifts. The money was used to sponsor a title by author Margaret Dickinson called ‘Forgive and Forget’ and the book will be forever dedicated to Pearl.


We want to say to a huge thank you to each and every one of Pearl’s family who have supported us over the years.  As regular supporters, you really do keep our service up and running for other members to enjoy.  

If you would like to fundraise for us, please contact Becci Liggitt on