Listen to Calibre on Libby app


Did you know that there is now another way to listen to your Calibre audiobooks? Towards the end of 2021 we joined the well-known library app Libby, by OverDrive, which allows you to download audiobooks to your phone or tablet and listen instantly.

Libby is free to download on iOS and Android. Once you have it installed, search for Calibre Audio under ‘Library’. It will then prompt you to add your account details: To login, enter your membership number and then input your pin. If you need a reminder of these please contact our Membership Services team. Once you have downloaded a book, you have 21 days to listen to it before it needs to be returned and you can download up to four books at a time.

This format will be familiar to users of Dolphin EasyReader, which remains our recommended app for those looking for accessibility features. Libby is a mainstream library app and therefore tends to be more popular among those without a vision impairment, such as people with dyslexia, however members are encouraged to use whichever format they feel comfortable with. One exciting feature is that Libby syncs to Apple CarPlay, so users that are lucky enough to have this feature on their in-car entertainment system will be able to listen to their audiobooks on the go.

Initially, only a small selection of our titles will be available on Libby as it is still in development, but new titles are being added every month, and we hope that before long we will have built up our collection. We hope our members will enjoy this additional way of accessing our books.

Libby is an external app and they have produced a lot of helpful resources to get users up and running with it. If you would like to learn more about Libby and to download the iOS or Android app, visit here. For help getting started with Libby, visit here. You can search our current collection available on Libby here.