Free webinar on downloading Calibre books with Dolphin EasyReader


Following Calibre Audio being added to the Dolphin EasyReader app, we are delighted to invite our members to an exclusive free webinar. Join Dave Salisbury and Colin Shales from Dolphin and Emma Scott from Calibre Audio to discover how to use the EasyReader app to find, download and read titles from Calibre Audio.

If you haven't yet tried our new streaming and download services, click here to learn how you can listen to our audiobooks on your phone, computer or tablet with just a few quick clicks.

Join our webinar for a live demonstration and learn how to use EasyReader to find and listen to titles from the Calibre Audio collection.

This webinar will show you how to:

All dates for the planned live demonstration have now passed. However you can now watch the recording of the webinar so you can catch up when it suits you.

Click here to view our user guide for downloading Calibre's collection Dolphin EasyReader.