Calibre Audio and In Your Pocket


It's Libraries Week, celebrating the best that libraries have to offer. 2020's theme is sharing the books that shaped your world, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to share different ways members can enjoy Calibre Audio, with our friends at In Your Pocket. In Your Pocket is a fully voice controlled mobile phone for older people and those living with sight loss and blindness, and its many features include the ability to listen to Calibre's audiobooks.

Margaret Wilson-Hinds, 71, is from Peterborough and is a volunteer at In Your Pocket as well as a Calibre member.

Margaret lost her sight at age 5. She initially attended a mainstream primary school but was moved to a special school when she could no longer see the blackboard. She went on to university and qualified as a teacher, teaching in a regular comprehensive school. She later moved on to the RNIB, where she worked in various roles.

Margaret volunteers as part of the In Your Pocket customer support team helping people to learn about all of the features, including using it to listen to Calibre's audiobooks. She loves that the technology is so simple that 90 year olds can learn it. Margaret says she genuinely believes In Your Pocket is the best solution for older people as it offers a phone and media player. She understands that people can get frightened by technology but because this is fairly simple, it’s easy for older people to get used to. Being multi-functional allows users to replace two pieces of technology with just one, which can be a godsend to the technology-shy, as well as those restricted by disability.

Margaret was one of the first customers of In Your Pocket and loves the entertainment features – she reads books, magazines and newspapers on it every day.

One of the Calibre's audiobooks that Margaret enjoyed listening to on her device is “A bad birdwatcher’s companion” by Simon Barnes (catalogue number 11252).

I am quite fanatical about listening to birdsong and like to identify the birds by their song. When I’m stressed, I like to go out and listen to the birds and find it very calming.

To find out more about activities surrounding Libraries Week, visit their website here.

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