Book Groups: Supporting active and engaged communities


It’s Libraries Week, and this year's theme celebrates how libraries support active and engaged communities. One of the ways many libraries impact the community is through the valuable provision of book groups. Providing a place to meet (or taking it online) and often a facilitator to run them, library book groups allow like-minded people to get together and share their reading experience; and for some, this may be a rare opportunity for social interaction.

Calibre Audio offers a support scheme for book groups with members who qualify for our service. This means that those who can’t access a printed book, for reasons such as a visual impairment or physical disability, can be included in the group. Simply choose titles from our list and we will lend you the required copies of a book on memory stick (minimum of 5 participating members). If there are titles you would like to read that aren’t on the list, please do let us know as we may still be able to offer them.

There is a yearly subscription costing £18 per person per year (including VAT), which covers up to twelve books per year for all your group meetings. There are no postal charges to visually impaired readers, as the books are sent free under the Articles for the Blind postage concession. For all other conditions, postal charges will be applied.

You can find more information on our Book Group service here.