Author Interview with Kate Ellis

Image shows covers of books by Kate Ells

Following on from our recent focus on crime books, we're delighted to have discovered this interview in the Calibre archives with author Kate Ellis, in discussion with our Director of Commissioning and Editorial, Emma, from back in 2017. If you like your crime books to have a historical element, you will surely have come across Kate's books and her protagonists, Wesley Peterson and DI Joe Plantaganet. Kate has also written a powerful historical trilogy set in the aftermath of the First World War and the first two books in the trilogy, A High Mortality of Doves  and The Boy Who Lived With The Dead are in the Calibre Collection. And the third in the trilogy, The House of The Hanged Woman, will be finding it's way into the Calibre collection in 2022.

You can listen to the interview here:

Books in our collection by Kate Ellis:

Wesley Peterson Books

The Armarda Boy (12230)

The Blood Pit (12095)

The Bone Garden (5784)

The Cadaver Game (14150)

A Cursed Inheritance (12319)

Dead Man’s Lane (14642)

The Death Season (13695)

The Flesh Tailor (12179)

The Funeral Boat (5734)

The House of Eyes (13966)

The Jackal Man (12288)

The Marriage Hearse (7515)

The Mechanical Devil (14331)

The Merchant’s House (5559)

The Mermaid’s Scream (14151)

A Painted Doom (12913)

A Perfect Death (12171)

The Plague Maiden (12493)

The Shadow Collector (12577)

The Shining Skull (12045)

The Shroud Maker (12759)

The Skeleton Room (7983)

An Unhallowed Grave (5646)


Joe Plantaganet Books

Kissing the Demons (12480)

Playing with Bones (12363)

Seeking the Dead (12046)

Walking By Night (14427)

Watching the Ghosts (10725)


Other Books

The Boy Who Lived with the Dead (14150)

A High Mortality of Doves (13868)