An Interview with Elly Griffiths


On our podcast this month we are so excited to have an interview with Elly Griffiths, author of some of our favourite crime novels. Emma Scott, our Director of Editorial and Production, interviewed the lovely Elly about her Ruth Galloway Novels and The Brighton Mysteries series, amongst other things. We have several books from both series in our collection here.

Elly also writes under the name Domenica de Rosa, which is actually her real name. In the interview she explains why and how Elly Griffiths came about, which as you will hear was mainly due to the change of direction her writing was taken. We do have The Eternal City, written under the name Domenica de Rosa, in our collection so if crime is not your thing, give this one a try. Either way we think you'll agree that Elly is a great writer.

Alongside the interview, Denise, one of our editorial team and an avid crime reader herself, has also given us her review of the series.

Anyone who hasn’t yet discovered the author Elly Griffiths is in for a BIG treat. Her first and best-selling crime series features Dr Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist who lives in a remote Norfolk hamlet and lectures at the fictional University of North Norfolk. To date there are thirteen books to enjoy and I’ve read every one of them, and enjoyed them.

Ruth is a fascinating, and likeable, character who is devoted to her work, but finds herself involved with a happily married man. I won’t spoil the story except to say that part of the appeal of these books is the back story of Ruth’s relationships that runs through the series. Then there are, along with the deft plotting, a host of interesting and quirky characters, not least Cathbad the modern day wizard. My favourite book is probably The Dark Angel (12698) but I suspect that the reason I like it so much is to do with the ongoing back story, so it’s not necessarily the best one to start with!

The series starts with The Crossing Places (8907), where Ruth is called to investigate when a child’s bones are unearthed on a desolate beach. Despite the discovery that the bones are over 2,000 years old, she is drawn into a cold case involving the disappearance of a local girl who vanished ten years previously. As a result she begins working with DCI Nelson, who has been receiving bizarre letters from someone with knowledge of archaeology, as well as psychic powers. Then another small child goes missing.

Her Brighton crime series is totally different as the books are set in ‘London-by-the-sea’ in the 1950s. They are very popular with fans of historical crime; I must confess I have not yet started on them just yet, but I do have The Zig-Zag Girl (10422) waiting in the wings!

Another absolute cracker is The Stranger Diaries the first book in the series featuring DS Harbinder Kaur. Sadly, we haven’t yet managed to get the book for Calibre but we are working on it!


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