A glimpse into Calibre book production


Without our amazing Production Department, none of the audiobooks in our library would be available for our members to borrow. In fact the Production Department is where the magic happens. Once a title has been carefully selected by the Editorial team, it is through Production that a book will make its last journey before it’s added to the Calibre Library. They work very closely with Editorial, who supply hundreds of books for them to process each year. These come in the form of Commercial and Calibre books.

Commercial books are audiobooks bought directly from publishers, and since they’re already recorded, they are streamlined through to the Production team. They process these books, loading them up on their computers and sorting them into 10-minute tracks, then finally converting them into the MP3 format.

Calibre books, however, are recorded by our large team of volunteer narrators, who record audiobooks at home for us. Once they’ve finished a recording, it will be sent here for preliminary checks, before going out to volunteer checkers, who listen to the entire recording and offer feedback. Once any final alterations have been made, the book will enter Production where it will be mastered (balancing volume levels and other audio tweaks), then sorted into 10-minute tracks and converted into the MP3 format.

We also have an in-house studio. While it’s not used to record audiobooks, it is used to record interviews, newsletters, announcements, sponsorships and many other audio snippets. There's never a quiet moment when you work in Production - unless the On Air sign is lit up on the studio, of course!