Spring Appeal 2022

A portrait image of Dame Judy Dench by  Robert Wilson
Image © Robert Wilson
Calibre does such vital work in reaching those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience the joy of reading, whether affected by sight loss, dyslexia or a disability like Parkinson’s or long covid.
Sadly, this can sometimes lead to secondary concerns such as anxiety, loneliness and isolation, and no words can adequately express the comfort that an audiobook can bring. Audiobooks are an equaliser, allowing those with a print disability to enjoy the same books as everyone else.

During these uncertain financial times we are asking for your support again to raise the £120,000 that is urgently needed to help provide your services this year.

As a charity, we get no government funding and despite efficiencies over the last 12 months it will still cost £1.4 million to provide our service to 16,600 members in 2022 - that’s £84 per member for a whole year of free unlimited audiobooks.

[Calibre] has kept me in touch with reading. It has saved my mental health in many ways, when loneliness could have overcome me, keeping me company in many a quiet moment and helping me cope with my enforced blindness.

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